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16oz - Big Bed Bug Spray
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$36.95 ONLY $17.47 - The classic bed bug eradication spray.


32oz SayByeBugs Detergent
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$47.95 ONLY $24.48 - Protect your linen and clothes with our detergent.


Luxurious Mattress Encasements
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$72.74 ONLY $36.37 - Bullet-proof your bed against bed bugs with our quality covers.


Luxurious Pillow Covers
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$25.47 ONLY $12.57 - STOP bed bugs from living in your pillows with our premium covers.


Box Spring Protectors
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$53.14 ONLY $26.57 - Trap bed bugs that are living on your box spring and starve them out.


Gallon of SayByeBugs
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$89.95 ONLY $62.97 - The ultimate tool against bed bugs - never run out of our formula.



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The formula in SayByeBugs was put on the test by a specialized University Entomology and Nematology department and proven to destroy bed bugs on contact. So it's not only family & pet safe but it's also completely deadly to bed bugs. A perfect combination.

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You can get all of the products above for special discounted prices only this one time with a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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