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Bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding!

Let us show you how to destroy every single one hiding in your home...

"What if I told you there’s a University proven, do-it-yourself, pet and child safe bed bug spray you can use immediately to get rid of bed bugs without POISONING your home?"

Are you looking for a simple to use solution you can trust is safe and which can help you save BIG? Then keep reading because we will show you  how you can use our bed bug eradication spray to get rid of bed bugs!

Any good relationship starts with trust.

We want to earn your trust, and to do that we’ll be 100% honest and open with you.

We ultimately hate bed bugs just as much (if not more!) as you do. Our only priority is to help you get rid of bed bugs, so first we have to tell you that if you have an EXTREME bed bug problem then getting an exterminator might be a wise choice.

It's pretty simple to see if you need professional help: if you found hundreds of bed bugs in multiple rooms and are getting bitten dozens of times a night you probably need a whole team to come and take radical steps to save your home.

But don't get us wrong, our product is University tested and proven to work, so you COULD and CAN use it to destroy even the most severe infestations. It’s just that at some extreme point it’s probably better to get a professional to handle the situation.

However if your infestation is not yet an extreme one that's GOOD NEWS because then there's still time for us to help you get rid of bed bugs in an easy to follow process that works overnight.

If you aren’t sure if we’re right for you simply read over the following questions:

30 seconds to uncover if our product can help you:

- Do you see bed bugs here and there either through night or during the day?
- Do you get one or more red, sometimes itchy, bites?
- Have you found dark or bloody stains on your mattress or your linen?
- Did you find a nest or a couple bed bug nests either on your furniture or on your mattress?
- Do you live in an urban area and you’ve heard your neighbours have bed bugs or if there are reports of bed bugs in your city?

If you answered YES to any of these then this page will be the most important one you’ll ever read. Because believe it or not, it IS possible to get rid of bed bugs without breaking the bank or worrying you’re poisoning your home or putting your children or your pets in any kind of risk.

And most importantly – you can do it FAST (overnight or in a matter of days for bigger infestations) and all by yourself. This University researched and proven to work solution is completely deadly to bed bugs and DESTROYS them on contact without toxic ingredients or damaging your linen, clothes or furniture.

In short, we’ve developed the “perfect” bed bug destroyer and now it’s your chance to uncover its power and bring you the ease of mind you’ve been searching for.

img01 See these scary critters here? When mature each of them can lay up to 500 eggs!

But how and where do bed bugs even come to your home?

There’s a myth circulating. And it’s not true at all! The myth that hurts and helps spread bed bugs is only the dirty or “poor” homes get them. The truth couldn’t be further from reality.

Bed bugs don’t discriminate and are often found in the cleanest of homes. It’s so easy to spread bed bugs to ALL and any environments.

Bed bugs are masters of hitching a ride from one person or one place to another. Bed bugs have developed ways to quickly spread from one bedroom to another.

From an infested home a bed bug will climb on that unfortunate person’s clothes and climb down to the seat on a bus or a chair at the movies.

Since most of us are using taxis, going to the movies, sitting on the subway, buying used furniture, sleeping over in motels or hotels all of this makes it very easy for bed bugs to be introduced to a new home.

Sometimes one of your neighbours will get them and a bed bug will find its way to your home. Bed bugs are incredibe at spreading from one home to another.

So even if you don’t have them yet it’s imperative you get the protection and make sure that if they ever come you’re ready and well prepared.

Proven to work

University tested and shown to eradicate bed bugs.

Pet & Child Safe

SayByeBugs is pet safe and is not toxic to non-target species.

Highly Effective

An effective bed bug destroyer that works in seconds.

NO Stains

Since it's water based it doesn't leave stains.

Think about all the places a bed bug can hide – SCARY!

Bed bugs are tiny! Only about the thickness of a quarter or 0.1 to 0.2 inches. We got reports of customers finding them behind picture frames on the walls!

Potentially infested areas include:

- pillows and mattresses
- box springs, bed frames, head boards, bed rails
- closets, carpeting, furniture, purses, briefcases, luggage
- and all cracks and crevices where a bed bug may hide (electrical outlets, light switches etc)

To top it all off a bed bug can live up to a YEAR without feeding. This means you might have them and not even know it.

Did you also know that one out of 3 people don’t have a reaction to bed bug bites at all? A bite might therefore be almost completely invisible ranging to small red bumps or big swollen welts.

WARNING: Why shouldn’t you use a store bought pesticide?

Many of these pesticides you can find in stores are general insecticides, meaning they are not specifically for bed bugs, and as such can be harmful to non-target species including household pets.

Many of these pesticides contain Pyrethroids and Pyrethins. Not only are certain species of bed bug immune to these chemicals, they’re also potentially dangerous to both humans and domestic pets.

The reason our product is different from other solutions is because it uses a safe active ingredient to efficiently stop bed bug infestations.

Our ingredient list: Active Ingredients: 3% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, 1% Sodium Chloride, 0.2% Citric Acid. Inert Ingredients: Water, Yeast, Urea, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate. Ingredients total 100%.

But how does it work? Check VIDEO proof here

It works by destroying bed bugs in all stages of development and it thus disturbs their mating cycle which makes it extremely effective when fighting an infestation.

It destroys bed bugs on contact in seconds! You can see it in action filmed by one of our happy customers here:

"Hello! My name is Kari and in this video you can witness how amazing the product SayByeBugs truly is. My mother in law moved in with us last October due to memory issues and her living situation was pretty bad. By pretty bad I mean roaches and mice. Bed bugs didn't even cross our mind on being a potential issue. We thought we were being vigilant by not allowing her to bring anything into our house for fear of ending up with roaches or mice. Somehow, a flat bed sheet from her house made it into her room in our house. I did so much research online once we found out what was going on. I came across a review and video of SayByeBugs and was convinced it was worth a shot before I lose tons of money on an exterminator. We are highly satisfied with how quickly SayByeBugs works to eliminate the bed bugs. We will be ordering more soon just to keep it on hand so we never have an issue again! Thank you! I truly hope this video and review helps others currently fighting the fight against bed bugs because it works!

Thank you,"

When you order our products you will also get a free booklet that will guide you by the hand on how to get rid of bed bugs using our special “bed bug attack plan”.

Nothing is left to chance and we will never leave you in the dark! All you need to do is spray a light mist of SayByeBugs anywhere bed bugs might be hiding and let it do its magic.

You will have us standing in your corner gently guiding you from start to finish, from opening our discreet box to applying our safe spray and to your next worry free sleep.

Our customers have called it magical and we humbly agree! Something that’s also a little magical is just how little risk it is for you to try us out. UNLIKE some of our competitors and definitely NOT like most of them we offer an unconditional 90 day 100% money back satisfaction.

See, we are so confident in the power of our product we want to take all the risk and let you try us out without worrying about spending your hard earned money and seeing no results.

This bed bug spray simply WORKS and now it can be your secret weapon in this war against bed bugs. But more than that, it will be your last line of defense in case bed bugs ever return to your home so you can rest assured your home is protected and taken care of.

Read enough & ready to order SayByeBugs?

Order SayByeBugs


Just a light mist of our spray is enough to let SayByeBugs do its magic and destroy bed bugs!

Our formula was University tested and proven to work but in our opinion there's an even more important quality where SayByeBugs really excels: it's family safe. We want to offer you a solution that's not only effective but also safe & non-destructive to your clothes, linen and furniture.

1. FamilyIsn't harmful to pets or childrenTOP Reason

The formula in SayByeBugs was put on the test by a specialized University Entomology and Nematology department and proven to destroy bed bugs on contact.

So it's not only family & pet safe but it's also completely deadly to bed bugs. A perfect combination.

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2. HomeDoesn't Stain Or Smell

STOP using products that leave stains and damage your property. Due to its water based formula SayByeBugs doesn't stain or have any smell.

Spraying a light mist on surfaces dries it off quickly while being enough for its formula to violently react with bed bug's exoskeleton and thus destroying it.

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3. ScienceSafe Active Ingredient

SayByeBugst uses safe ingredients that are completely deadly to bed bugs and destroy them on contact.

Developed by a team of Entomologists and other bed bug experts it has a highly effective formula that is completely deadly to bed bugs just by spraying a light mist of SayByeBugs.

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Family and pet safe???

You gotta read this!
img01 img01 img01 img01 img01 img01


It’s simply not TRUE you have to use harsh chemicals to get rid of resilient pest like bed bugs. Our research has shown our product is highly effective to bed bugs in all stages of development while also being a completely safe to your family.

We can talk about our product all night long but the real proof are our customers. We are constantly getting happy stories from people all over the US using our products and getting rid of bed bugs.

You can read some here:

"My husband is a prominent travel agent, but much to my chagrin we picked up bed bugs while staying in some of the finest hotels.
I learned of your product through a young man who was traveling with a tour group. After suffering with unsightly bites and an infestation at home, I was eventually able to rid myself and my household of this dastardly problem by using your product.
Thank you!"

"Hi, I love the spray products. I had fought some nasty bedbugs for several months until I found Saybyebugs. I have been bedbug free since March 19, 2016."

"It works! And when you have had dust mites or bedbugs you know that a product actually working is the highest praise one can get!"

"HUGE thank you! Apparently I recently had bed bugs. No signs of them other than getting eaten alive between my shoulder blades. No live bugs, no fecal that I could see, no blood marks and even checked under the sheets just before dawn. Still no signs. But I knew I was getting bitten by something and it was happening during the night which was freaking me out to say the least. And oh my word do those bites itch like crazy!

Bought 2 bottles of your product. Stripped the bed and washed linen in hot water. I sprayed the mattress and box spring all over (I know you said a light spray but I was nervous and sprayed EVERYWHERE). I had read that, like lice, it wasn't about being clean or dirty because I'm a little OCD on cleanliness. But I also read that bed bugs like to hide in the cracks of furniture, especially those that are old like curbside or thrift store furniture.

Ding ding ding. That was the light. I have a renewed furniture shop and I am constantly bringing in old pieces. So that's where they came from. Now to rid of them.

So I'm spraying the mattress, box springs, carpet, curtains and surrounding furniture. I do this 2 days in a row. My "bite marks" are healing and I haven't had any more bites since.

So long story short, you have truly been my hero. Thank you for rescuing me without me having to empty my savings account and for your product to work so quickly and give me back my peace to go to sleep without worry of being a bug's buffet.

Thank you. I will continue to buy!!!!!!"

"I ordered some bed bug exterminator spray, I ordered it like someone recommended to it, not knowing if this product was going to work or not, I prayed to let this product work and prayed that i didn't waste my money. The exterminator told me that I would be wasting my money ordering products when they claim that they are the only solution. I'm here to tell you that, that's not true I've used this product Say Bye Bugs and it works no waste of your money and no spending thousands of dollars."

"It worked great. Would recommend this product over using exterminator."

"You may want to write some of this info down for future reference. ...... This stuff WORKS! .... It stopped the infestation almost within two days. ... Over a period of a couple months we did see a couple. After another spray, nothing for another month then only one. Nothing more since . ... With the other we tried we had to keep spraying every other day.

It also kills fleas and ticks. .... And we hardly ever see a cockroach anymore since I have sprayed the rugs and furniture just to cut down in fleas. ... "

"Was skeptical but desperate to find a way to get rid of the bed bugs. So far I have no new bites and I spray the bedding and surrounding area every few days. No smell or cleaning up after foggers so I have been very pleased."

"This stuff works like magic!!!"

"We have had very good results with your product to date. We were not heavily overcome with the problem. Fortunate that it was very light. However, other product we have tried never stopped them completely. We have seen none after a second spraying with your product so far. We will be looking forward to the next shipment as we want to keep it on hand."

"It works! And when you have had dust mites or bedbugs you know that a product actually working is the highest praise one can get!"

"Thank you. Your product did work. Killed on contact."

"Your product worked wonderfully, thank you."

"I am very pleased with the effectiveness of the SayByeBugs product! I wish I had found you a long time ago!"

"Thank you so much! You have an awesome product"

"Thank you guys so much. I really do appreciate it. I still do plan on rating your products and giving them 5 stars, as the spray worked the first time!"


"You 'Team' guys are great! Cannot thank you enough and looking forward to receiving the spray and getting to work (not my favorite activity but we do what has to be done).
Very impressed with your timely respinse. Thanks, again."

"Thank you. I look forward to receiving my product. I appreciate your prompt response to my email! This was good customer service."

"Thank you for your prompt response! Thank you for restoring my faith in good customer service! My need for your product is to prevent a reemergence of bed bugs in one room in our house. If it works, I won't need to contact you for more product, but I will definitely keep you in mind if I ever need your product again. I will also not hesitate to refer anyone I know to your company."

"Thank you for your swift and excellent answers to the questions I had. If your product works as well as your support team, my bed bug problem is soon to be resolved!!"

"Thank you for your help in eliminating our bug problem."

"Thank you I have rarely seen this kind of prompt and precise response to the customer complaints. This shows real professionalism and custom care. You guys are good, very good Thanks again"

"Thank you for such a speedy and generous response. I look forward to seeing the effect of your product with such a sensitive issue."

"Thank you so much....so very much appreciated. You are the greatest in so many ways!"

"If every business was like yours there would not a Better Business Bureau and no complaints. All I can do is say thank you. I hope never have to use your product, but I appreciate the fact that I will be prepared if it ever happens again."

"Thank you so very much. It is nice to know there are honest, kind people out there. You have restored peace to my mind. Again, thank you, so so much."

"Thank you for your prompt reply to my email. You really do have an excellent product, and now I know that you also have excellent customer support."

You don’t get that many happy customers with a subpar product, and you definitely don’t develop a product like this overnight.

Bed bugs are spreading all over the US faster and faster and it’s time to do something about it.

Think about it… no risk with our 90 day money back guarantee… no risk to your family with our safe formula… no risk to waste time as our product was University tested and proven to work.


The compounds in our product have undergone rigorous University laboratory testing by a specialized Entomology and Nematology department as well as consumer testing!

Using SayByeBugs you can be confident you're using a secret weapon bed bugs have no chance winning against.


The reason it's different from other solutions is because it uses a safe active ingredient to efficiently stop bed bug infestations.

So how does it work? Its highly effective water-based formula with a safe active ingredient attacks and destroys bed bug's exoskeleton making it an incredibly effective solution without being toxic to humans and pets.

Because of our special formula SayByeBugs is:

ODOR FREE – The strong scents associated with toxic pesticides and pungent oils are not a factor with SayByeBugs.

STAIN FREE – Competitors' oil-based products leave a greasy residue that stains linens, furniture, and mattresses. SayByeBugs may be sprayed directly on mattresses, box springs, pillows, furniture, headboards, or any water-safe surface without leaving a stain.

PYRETHRYN FREE – Many other bed bug sprays use Pyrethrins which are neurotoxins. Pyrethrins can cause difficulty in breathing, sneezing, nasal stuffiness, headache, nausea, incoordination, tremors, convulsions, facial flushing and swelling, and burning and itching sensations. SayByeBugs on the other hand uses a formulation that is completely free of toxins that would affect non-target species such as humans and pets.

"I am grateful and incredibly impressed with this product! I was skeptical at first, but found it works to kill the bugs on contact with one small spray on a bug. Hope and have faith that it may work on the eggs as well. Awesome product! Thank you!"


We stand by our product and everything that it represents, so we offer to you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
We really do stand behind our products.
How often do you see guarantees like this?

Try SayByeBugs Now

Proud to be made in the US

Ever wonder what exactly is in products made in suspicious foreign countries with little to none quality and safety oversight? We had, and we decided we wouldn’t use any shortcuts or compromises when creating our product.

Quality and safety above all. Who wouldn’t want to try a proven-to-work, university tested, made in the USA bed bug spray which is safe for indoor use and doesn't harm pets?

If that's not enough, remember our formula was field tested by housekeeping and janitorial staff throughout the hospitality and healthcare industries which asserted its effectiveness.


11 Reasons SayByeBugs is Better Than Alternatives:

Eradicates bed bugs on contact!
Pet & Child safe due to its highly effective water based formula
Pesticide Regulation Exempt Under FIFRA 25(b)
University tested formula and proven to work
Contains 100% hypoallergenic ingredients
Odor FREE: absolutely no smell when used
Its family safe active ingredient makes it environment friendly
Eliminates bed bugs in all stages of development
Oil-free & bio-degradable formula
Can be sprayed directly on mattresses, bedding & fabrics without fear of stains
Offered with an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Order SayByeBugs

Read reviews from our happy customers:

"I have already purchased your spray products and your detergent additive to wash all laundry. The results have been amazing! I have noticed that since I used your products I have not seen a single bug nor experienced a single bite! I certainly will continue my use of your products and to read your very informative and helpful information. God bless you."

"The product works absolutely great! I had never even seen a bed bug till a family member got them! We started getting some bites so we immediately bought your product & haven't had a bite since! We would recommend it to anyone!"

"Would recommend to others, works great."

"It worked great. Would reccomend this product over using exterminator."

"I would recommend this product to anyone that has or thinks they have bedbugs."

"To date after one application your product seems to be working. I have not seen any indication of new bed bugs. "

"I've been using this product for about a month now. And it works I haven't seen any bugs in the last 2 weeks. So far I'm having great results..."

"I would like to thank for your product Say Bye Bugs, I used it and followed directions in two days and have not seen or have been bitten by any bedbugs I will recommend your product to my family and friends and will continue to use it in the future if any bedbug problems will occur. Thank you again for this great product that works."

"I love your product, it works great on all bugs and pest, we have something called a stinkbug here, they are a nuisance!!! It kills them too. Thank you for coming up with this, and I love it because it's not harmuful, I spray it on my sheets and blankets and chairs, and I don't have to worry about anything!"

"This is more than a testimony!!! I received my package and couldn't wait to open the box. Praying that this wasn't another spray that I have heard that works and clearly didnt!!! I read the booklet followed the directions and was sooo amazed of how these little devils folded up in front of my eyes they didn't stand a chance of the power this spray holds!! There was no strong odor unlike other sprays I have used, no staining your furniture or beds etc. I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES , IT WAS AMAZING!! After battling with these pesky bugs for years I finally felt the weight of bed bug stress lift off of my shoulders!! This spray works!!! The genius who created this solution needs a Nobel Peace Prize, espically being how big of an epidemic bed bugs have become! I am grateful to have tired this spray. If I EVER WIN THE LOTTERY TRUST AND BELIEVE THIS WOULD BE ONE OF MY INVESTMENTS! Thank you Say Bye Bugs, you have truly help me and my family become bed bug free!!!"

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Recent Customer Reviews:

"We just tried your product Say Bye Bugs and it has been 24hrs. So far no sign of anything. Have spent several hundreds of dollars buying sprays and powders, heat guns etc. Using your guide and SayByeBugs I am sold. I will recommend your company and SayByeBugs to anyone and everyone!!! This is the first product I have ever purchased and it did everything it says it would do!!! Thankyou and look forward to doing business with you guys again. And for people who think everything is a scam " SAYBYEBUGS," is the real deal! We recieved our shipment in 24hrs. Would Highly Recommend. Give You Guys ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! Sincerely the P**** family."

This product worked like a miracle. I used it once and I haven't seen a sign of any bugs in my house since. This is a great product and I can confirm it worked for me. Keep putting it out there and advertise it. Some people may feel embarrassed by the bugs but they will not be sorry if they try this product.

I purchased the product about a month ago and so far we have seen great results. We have tried many methods and many other over the counter products that only seem to work for a short time. We are going to continue using say bye bye for the next few months to see how the products continue to work and keep the bed bugs away.

I worked in a hotel and I know first hand how tough it is to get rid of bed bugs and how expensive it can be. So when I got up on night to us the bathroom and found one on my leg I was freaked out. Looking for a way to rid myself of the pest for cheaper then what a professional company charges I found your site and thought I would give it a try. I couldn't treat till the weekend but I scanned the one bedroom that night. I found one and sprayed it died almost instantly. That weekend I sprayed both bedrooms. It has now been a couple of weeks had I have not seen a bug or any sign of a bug since. I am very happy with how the product preformed. I hope to never have another problem again but if I do I will not hesitate to order this product again.

SayByeBugs is the best product we've used in our home to get rid of nasty bed bugs! Works better than any product we've purchased in stores. Also great because it's completely safe for our children; no having to inhale horrible toxins! This product kills and eliminates bed bugs completely! Bought more just to be extra safe in protecting our family and home. Worth the price! Highly recommend to anyone who has a bed bug problem in their home.

I just received my package. Although I have not started to treat the infested room I was "lucky" to spot a bed bug. After shaking the bottle well as instructed I sprayed the bed bug. With in seconds of contact the bug started to shake and convulse. But it seem to still be alive, so I sprayed it again. After about a minute or so the sucker was dead. I'm am glad to see that Say Bye Bugs spray is effective as stated on the website and I look forward to clearing up my bed bug issue!!

I love this product it works great.

"After trying some other products and home remedies, I was skeptical that this would work but after another sleepless night, I ordered it. How happy I am to report that it really does work! I now get a good night's sleep and am worry free. I used it twice a day for the first month and now spray once a day. There is no odor, it does not stain and it works. Congratulations for saving people hundreds of dollars in exterminating fees."

I have been using this product for about a month! it works great. I just continue spraying twice a day because i am paranoid! lol it happens!

I tried everything before this product with no result. I sprayed once with this product and not one bed bug. I'm sleeping great now.

The product works wonders.

"There is only 2 different exterminators in out town that has the products to take care of these bugs. They did not want to come and deal with them. So they sold us their products so we could start to take control of the bugs. So we had found the nests and had gotten rid of it before the products arrived. The first product started but would not have gotten rid of the bugs. When your product arrived we had the nest out side but as we looked at them with your product we could see that there were still bugs alive. They were in the headboard of the bed. It was on a trailer headed for the dump,but we sprayed the live bugs. It killed them immediately. We sprayed the entire 3 bedrooms and so far we have not seen another bug. I was grossed out and I have sprayed more than was necessary. The only thing I would recommend is overnight shipping. "

"This product is very effective, worked better then I expected and the support I got from the instructions is what I needed to ensure success. Thanks SayByeBugs!"

"Your product worked as you advertised. I would recommend it to others. "

"Thanks, Staff of SayByeBugs!
You were sympathetic and responsive to the inconvenient loss of my order to someone who stole the products off my porch (and probably won't know what to do with them).
However, I am amazed at how efficient the spray is!!
I'm sad these bugs have descended on my home, but VERY glad you can offer a way to deal with them! "

"Very effective product! Works great. I'll recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat! "

"I had tried several home remedies trying to get rid of the bugs to no success. I ordered saybyebugs and it came quickly. When I used the product 3 weeks ago I was battling the 3rd round of bugs from my previous efforts. After 1 day and several applications that day I am happy to say I have no more bugs. "

"This product does work love it tried it couldn't​ believe how much it work when I sprayed it the bugs died on contact awesome product will order again thank you say bye bugs!!!!! "

"I had previously tried another product, but found yours to be safer . Your guide was most informative. The others product was less expensive, but I like yours better. My husband has never been bitten, and we never even knew we had bedbugs until I had the bites. We live in a rural area and I just thought it was just another insect. I am looking forward to my next shipment to completely irradiate these beasts! Thank you for your help. "

"I sprayed the bedbugs and it killed them on contact, just like you said it would. I was very pleased! I also put on the mattress and box springs covers I got from you. They seem to be gone but I will spray again in 1 week to make sure. I was very pleased when I read it would not be harmful to pets and humans. "

"Thank you very much an I love it it works I will tell my friends an family about the product ."

"You guys are awesome! I've already recommended your product - the situation with our company's warehouse dude was dire and I needed something to insure he wouldn't drag bed bugs into the company! We'd have him Spray his shoes before entering and his truck too! I used it on my own dogs bedding!! I'll get it again I'm sure but not on a regular basis! Thanks so much!"

"I have only made 3 or 4 orders from you. But I know enough that I have spread the word about your product because for some uncanny reason word of mouth has led at least 100 people in my direction. I tell them all the same thing, that your product works better than any other on the market and do not get duped as I did by Terminex or whomnever you see advertised on the television. I let them know that Say Bye Bugs did more for me in less than $100.00 than Terminex did for me for $4,500.00"


Let SayByeBugs do the heavy lifting while you go to sleep without a single thought about bed bugs:

Claim our 24 oz bed bug destroying spray kit:

PS: Remember, if you're dissatisfied with your purchase, for any reason, within the first 90 days we'll refund your purchase in full – no questions asked.
That’s how confident we are in our product. To get your refund simply call our customer care department toll free. We have real experts ready to help you and guide you to get rid of bed bugs or assist you with any issues or questions you might have.

PPS: Don’t wait before buying. Here’s why: a single bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in their lifetime or 1-5 eggs A DAY. Every single day you aren’t addressing this problem it’s just getting bigger and bigger.

We often get emails from customers duped by other subpar products and it just makes us sad they had to go through the whole experience of using something that doesn’t work AT ALL and it only makes nights more and more unbearable.
The only right time to get rid of bed bugs is NOW and by ordering one of our special kits we will guide you by your hand to STOP this nightmare once and for all. Click here to order SayByeBugs now.