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Basic Bed Bug Kit3x 16 oz SayByeBugs bottleSuggested

$36.95 $33.32/bottle

(3 bottles + 1 sprayer head)

Enough to treat single bedroom infestations.

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Ultimate Bed Bug Kit6x 16 oz SayByeBugs bottle

$36.95 Only $19.99/bottle

(6 bottles + 2 sprayer heads)

This kit is enough to destroy even the toughest bed bug infestations.

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Two Bottles2x 16 oz SayByeBugs bottle

$36.95 $34.97/bottle

(2 bottles + 2 sprayer heads)

Meant for minor infestations.

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One Bottle1x 16 oz bottle


(1 bottle + 1 sprayer head)

SayByeBugs 16 oz bottle.

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